About my work


In the year 2002 I spent six months in France as a scholar of Finnish Culture Foundation. The small villages and the French countryside brought me back to my childhood`s playgrounds. I felt that I have to paint  everyday subjects and those backgrounds of courtyard games. I realized how my childhood´s environment and athmosphere still forms the base of my artistic work.

Travelling in India inspired me to use colours in a new way. Bright contrasts and unreal, dreamlike places reminded me of the feeling of looking at Hugo Simberg´s art as a youngster. I wanted to play with the idea that Simberg had also travelled in India, but nobody knew about it yet. I wanted to paint a seven painting series to paraphrase his fresco The Garden of Death.

Nature is important to me and in my art it is a reflection of being human.
As an artist I´m interested in topics that are familiar, but on the other hand come from the wastelands of our cognition.